Attention to Sound – Royal Society meeting – followup

The meeting Attention to Sound that we organized together with the Royal Society was a great success.

Some more photos. The venue was filled to capacity and unfortunately we could not accommodate all who wished to attend.  Apologies to those stranded on the waiting list!

The meeting focused on auditory attention, which is of central interest to COCOHA. Our project aims to restore the natural process by which the low-level auditory processing stages within a listener’s ear and brain are controlled by his or her attentional/intentional state. The technical solutions that are investigated within the project (cognitive control) require tapping the measurable brain correlates of this process, so as to control a hearing assistive device.

The many experts that we gathered offered us precious new insights as to how best to address this goal (useful for work beyond the end of the COCOHA project).  Quite striking was the evidence of an increasingly wide interest, from academia and industry, for the model pioneered by COCOHA.