Auditory Attention hits the news

Our UCL partner’s latest study on auditory attention published in the Journal of Neuroscience just hit the news: Mail Online, TodayThe TelegraphABC NewsUCL NewsScience NewsDiscovery NewsMedical DailyUS NewsOOYUZHellaWellaHerald RecorderNew Zealand HeraldAmeri PublicationsTimes GazetteMedicalXpressZ NewsImmortal NewsShort ListXposé.ieERRTechbitsNorthern CalifornianDWParent HeraldGMXWeb.deDebatrixThe Inside KoreaA1ArteEstar BienEVZ.roTerraMetropolJewocityTinÓngIPiraFMEl NoticieroEl NoticieroSalzburger NachrichtenMetropol.hu来宝 news, etc.  (I just can’t keep up…).  An important goal of COCOHA is to harness the cortical correlates of auditory attention to control a hearing aid.